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Factor XI Workshop

Monday, March 18, 2024


Create a collaborative, pre-competitive forum across stakeholders including regulatory, industry and academic experts to share data and perspectives on topics related to the science & clinical/therapeutic spectrum of Factor XI deficiency/ inhibition, challenges facing clinical development programs of Factor XI inhibitors, and challenges facing regulatory science applied to Factor XI clinical program.To leverage this forum to facilitate alignment of perspectives on evidence development for good regulatory science addressing the safety and effectiveness of this therapeutic area, collaborative development of innovative solutions to mitigate high priority cardiovascular safety concerns, and to develop consensus around what additional work would be helpful in moving forward on these topics

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Think Tank Dates:

Monday - March 18, 2024

Think Tank Location:

FDA White Oak Campus
110903 New Hampshire Ave
Silver Spring, MD 20903



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Salim Idriss, MD, PhD (Duke)

Shetarra Walker, MD (FDA)

Peter Aziz, MD (Cleveland Clinic)

Chris Anderson. MD (Washington State)

Andrea Baer, MS (Parent Heart Watch)

Stuart Berger, MD (Luri Children’s)

Martha Lopez-Anderson (Parent Heart Watch)

Vincent Miller, MMCi (Duke Clinical Research Institute)

Silvana Molossi, MD (Texas Children’s)

Victoria Vetter, MD (Children’s Hospital of Pennsylvania)

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